Locating Those Honored - Help

    In order to locate a name you can use one of the following instructions:

    1. Browse the name list.

    2. Browsing by letters: click the first letter of the name of the person you want
    to find (surname).
    The system will locate all the names beginning with this letter (if the list is long,
    you can scroll down the page - till you find the name you look for).

    3. Advanced locating: fill-in one or more of the empty fields (given name, nickname,
    parents' names etc.). The system will locate all the names which include those

    The list includes the following symbols:

    1. - a photo is included in this personal memorial page.

    2. "E" or "H" - the memorial page is in Hebrew (H) or English (E).

    For further information you can always call to B4ever offices: 1-700-50-50-51.