Registering Those Honored - Help

   In order to register your beloved ones in B4ever site please use the following instructions:
   1. Remember your user name and password.
   2. Enter the details of the person. Please enter full date (in case you want to display only
   the year, indicate it in the specific place).
   3. Registering a memorial page you can receive, free of charge, the following services:
   - Sending a note to the Wailing Wall.
   - Planting a tree in memory.
   4. You can add a link to another web memorial site.
   5. You ca add a personal eulogy.
   6. You can write in Hebrew, in English or both. Donít forget to indicate the language
   you are using at the bottom of the page.
   7. If you want to add a photo you can upload it into the memorial page by entering
   "updating an existing memorial page" and choose: "add picture".

   For further information you can always call to B4ever offices: 1-700-50-50-51.