Welcome to B4ever, the Jewish Memorial Site
that enables members of family,
friends and acquaintances
to remember and honor their
dear ones who passed away.
The B4ever site combines, for the first time,
traditional customs of commemoration
with the advantages of the Internet.
In this site you can pay homage
to the memory of your beloved
ones by dedicating a personal memorial
page which will contain pictures
to remember, words in memory and eulogies.

This eternal memorial site, crossing borders and continents,
gives the visitors, apart from the personal memorial pages,
various possibilities of use.
Your visit in the memorial site can be recorded by
placing flowers, leaving a stone or lighting a candle;
you can pray Kadish or Yizkor from anywhere in the world,
or ask for a reminder of the day of remembrance
and the commemoration ceremony.
You can express your sympathy with the family by sending a message
of condolences in your own words, which will reach the family.

B4ever is a site dedicated to the memory and love of our dear ones,
Jewish people, in Israel and the all over the world,
whom we will remember forever. You are invited to pay homage
to your dear ones and allow
family, friends and acquaintances to remember,
to be reminded, up-dated and in touch with the family.